PORSCHE 928 4X4 AUTO COUPE 1987 meteor gunmetal AUL-26X $34000
Superb Porsche 928 S very low Kilometers - Guaraty   KM: 75000
ABS, Tilt Steering Adjustment, Automatic Air Conditioning, Satellite Positioning and Guiding System, Porsche multi chanel Stereo Stacker (3 front panel), elect. Sun Roof, electric seats for all positions, electric Mirrors, 4 Speed Automatic, electric Wind 
This beautiful Porsche 928S is looked after by Porsche Canberra (Gulson), Auto Torque, as well as by the specialist at Highland Motors. The all leather interior is in perfection . The car all over is in great condition and will satisfy the discerning Porsche enthusiast. There is the Porsche Guaranty (2 years) on all replaced parts and workmanship as well as the guaranty of 1 year (or 20.000km) on the totally renewed automatic. All break system new. There is also the well known 10 year support guaranty granted for this car by Porsche. Newly built in is the latest car sound system, 3 years guaranty, as well as the most modern Satellite Guiding System. Blue slip and independent engineer report about the car are part of the sale. The car is registered for 1 year. The state of the car is superb and the purchaser will have great pleasure to obtain such a beautiful vehicle. These cars are known, if correctly maintained to be of superb quality and driving excellence. There is everything done possible to obtain the car to latest standard. Tyres A1 condition. All Invoices available to the purchaser. This car has also an array of original Porsche Accessories such as the build in Umbrella, foldable suitace, external hood, etc. There is not much to say any more but to invite you to a test drive. I sell this car as I anticipate to live in Europe where right hand drive cars are not registered, you can be assured that othwise I would never sell this car as it is still and was my dream car. Professor Ferdinand Porsche would agree with me that this was and still is the best and most advanced Porsche in its time. The price may be negotiable depending on a quick decission and payment methode.
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